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Some time ago, when the world were different and the people was free to come and go we visited a small and precious island: La Graciosa. This story started in Portimão - a small coastal town in the south of Portugal and ended up 530 nautical miles to the south. We sail this distance in approximately 3.5 days.

Jolly Good Times Sailing | Route from Portimao to La Graciosa
From Portimao - to La Graciosa

The trip to the Canary Islands was wonderful. The universe rewarded us with spectacular weather, wind, warm air, calm sea, dolphins, sea turtles, birds… Oh, Take me back!

Despite the fact that the wind was not as strong and constant as is required all the time to move the 27 Tons of Jolly and the motor had its participation, the trip was extremely placid and without any setback.

Being in Jolly with its sails unfurled is an unbeatable, organic experience that fills you with tranquillity. The sound of the wind and the waves breaking on the hull ... ohhh ... The perfect nap exists and I took it without any regard. Have you ever had this experience? If you haven't had a chance, look for it. Forget about the fear that the sea can cause you... The reward for the courage to face situations that are stressful and therefore alien or distant is a boost in our self-esteem, energy and of course the connection that we create with ourselves when we are in nature.

Now, let´s talk about La Graciosa. La Graciosa is a volcanic island in the Canary Islands of Spain, located 2 km north of the island of Lanzarote across the Strait of El Río. It was formed by the Canary hotspot. The island is part of the Chinijo Archipelago and the Chinijo Archipelago Natural Park. It has a population of 734 people but during the vacation months this number grows exponentially.

It has a minimum number of cars, the streets are unpaved and it has a good number of restaurants or bars where locals and visitors can always find a tasty and cheap alternative.

In one of the restaurants we rented a bicycle for € 5 (for 3 or 4 hours) and we toured the little paradise without any stress and marvelled at the volcanic landscape and the local buildings, which in addition to being beautiful, are perfectly integrated with the place .

During our exploration of the island we were able to observe the remains of an abandoned boat that was probably used to get from the coast of Africa to the island. This is a very common event in the Canary Islands, where hundreds or thousands of immigrants regularly arrive in search of a better life. My hair stand on end just imagining what a trip can be where you risk your life, but where surely hope, love and the need to change keep you firm and maybe alive. I remember feeling lucky and grateful and now that I relive this moment, I feel the same way again. How important to maintain empathy and the feeling of solidarity alive ... Remind to ourselves that the place where we were born is just a matter of chance and that the problems of others could be ours if it weren't for that thing called fortune.

Now that we cannot travel freely as before, it is worth looking back not to think about what we do not have, but rather to relive the feelings that knowing and visiting new places generates, trying new flavours, having different conversations, making new friends and connect, connect and connect with others and with ourselves.

I think that's one of the reasons we love what we do at Jolly Good Times Sailing. Because through our company we can help to generate well-being and joy, the same that we feel when we are travelling in a new and beautiful place. Our dream is to provide those who accompany us with sensations of connection with nature, curiosity and enjoyment of new flavours and if we are lucky, to see life in a calmer and happier way.

What do you like the most about traveling?

Thank you for reading us!



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