Terms and conditions.

Make sure to read through the terms and conditions when you book a trip with us. They are a part of the agreement with us when you sign up for a trip. 

1. Important things to consider

Jolly Good Times Sailing (JGTS) is a product based on natural experiences and activities that involves some demands of us as the arranger and you as a participant. Out on the ocean the safety is always kept on a high level and it will without any warning make us change and re-route our scheduled plan in order to find alternatives to maintain the crew’s security and well being. From time to time our destinations will be more exposed than others and from time to time the weather puts us in the situation where we must change the route within a very limited time. If it is possible these changes will be announced in advance and we will rearrange the itinerary as close up to ordinary as possible without any effect on the price. This flexibility is a part of the package when you go sailing with us and for you as a customer will need to take into consideration when you book a trip with us. Mother nature decides.  


It is important to consider that sailing with JGTS also can involve dangerous situations and accidents. As a customer you need to be in agreement with this and accept that all participation is at your own risk. JGTS can not be made liable for any claims post accident. The safety level will as far as possible be at the highest necessary level at the given situation both for us, and for you. However in the event of the unexpected occurs in terms of weather, temperatures, illness etc you will accept to follow the changed itinerary. Additional costs for transport, hotels, diet etc comes out of your flexibility budget. 

2. Your responsible

In the unlikely event of cancellation, you will need to use your own travel cancellation insurance. If you do not have any private cancellation insurance JGTS ordinary cancellation policy applies. It is mandatory that you have travel and accidental insurance that also covers your home transports. You are responsible to control that the travel document is in accordance with your order. Some of our trips can be physical and mentally demanding and requires that you are well prepared for your trip/excursion in both ways. You shall follow the instructions and guidance of the leaders of the trip, whether it's JGTS or a subcontractor of JGTS. It is your responsibility to make sure that your behaviour is not of any concern or bother to any of the other crew members on board. If you breach your responsibilities and obligations as a crew member you may be refused participation or excluded from the remainder of your trip without being able to claim reimbursement from JGTS. You will be held liable for damages done intentionally or in purpose to the vessel and the vessels attributes. This includes necessary services due to malfunction and the loss of income as a result of the event.  


3. Ordering, deposit, payment, cancellation and changes to your booking

All bookings shall be made written electronically and is binding. Delay of payment of deposit and total amount is considered a breach of contract and gives JGTS the right to cancel the booking, but claim the deposit. The deposit invoice of 7000 nok will be sent from JGTS after registration and due within 7 days (not working days) Full payment must be received JGTS within 60 days prior to departure. In the event of ordering less than 60 days prior to departure, the full amount must be payed. If you order less than 60 days prior to arrival the invoice must be paid in the full amount within 4 days included deposit.  Changes in the booking is possible within the same season given that the change is possible to carry through. If you need to cancel your booking you will need to notify us written electronically. To just not pay the invoice does not imply that you cancel the booking. You will be given a written confirmation of your cancellation. Cancellation 60 days or more prior to departure – loss of deposit, cancellation less than 60 days prior to departure 50% of the total amount will be refunded. Cancelation less than 30 days prior to departure will result in no refund. In the event of no show, no refund for any given reason.


4. Reclamation

If there is anything you’re not satisfied with or was not according to your expectations related to the information given, you need to address this immediately to JGTS when you are aboard. If the matter is not corrected when you are aboard and you still claim this is a reclamation, you need to address this written and explicitly within a month after the end of the trip electronically to JGTS. If there matter is unsolvable between the parties the reclamation will be brought further to a third party to be assessed there. 


5. Social media

On most of our trips we will take a lot of pictures and publish these on social media etc. In the posts your name/username can/will be used to promote JGTS activities. If you do not allow us to use pictures containing you and/or your profile ID, we need to be given this information at arrival on the vessel in order for us to adapt to you.  


6. Reservations

In the event of any wrongly written information in our programme, price list or webpage we reserve the right to make these mistakes and to alter them without any claims towards us. 


7. Covid 19 and cancellations

If you have booked a trip with us and you for a reason due to covid - 19 need to stay home in quarantine and this prohibits your planned trip, you can reschedule free of charge 72 hrs prior to departure.  

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