sail and yoga retreat

21 to 26 of August
Geirangerfjord - Norway

join us and re-charge yourself!


The daily life can often seem like a cycle of waking up, eating, working, sleeping and repeating.


Join us and re-charge your mind and body diving deeper into the fantastic world of yoga, mindfulness and sailing in one of the most spectacular areas in the world. 


Yoga creates mental clarity and calmness, increases body awareness, relieves chronic stress patterns, relaxes the mind, centres attention, and sharpens your concentration.

Join us and re-charge yourself in a retreat like no other.

Sailing in UNESCO landscape, meditating in several hundred-year-old buildings, discovering emblematic and special places and connecting with yourself and others in a nature beyond scale.


That is why we believe it is 


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geirangerfjord retreat
21 to 26 of august 2021 

21 - 26 OF AUGUST

In this world class surroundings you will be enjoying yoga and meditation in the nature of the world of wonders. 

Jolly will take us to amazing places in the most comfortable way

Prices from

18,000 NOK


We will be practicing yoga and meditation in beautiful and special places. Céline, our professional instructor will help us to have an unforgettable Yoga and meditation experience


18,000 NOK


Is not only Sail and yoga!

This is a retreat full of different experiences along the Unesco Landscape. Hiking, delicious food aboard with a special dinner in an authentic fjord farm and more!


18,000 NOK



The retreat will be guided by three amazing souls. Céline, Maria & Ulrik.

 Céline will be guiding you through your meditation and yoga journey. She will lead you through the wonders of meditation and yoga and balance the elements into a perfect union. 

Maria will serve nutritious and delicious vegan and vegetarian plates from many corners of the world. She loves to prepare dishes from Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe and the occasional catch of the day. Céline is also a health coach and with her knowledge our diet will be manage with the highest nutrition standards.


In addition to the cooking, Maria also does the deck handling of the vessel. 

Ulrik is the captain on board and responsible of the operation of the vessel.


He is the one that will navigate through the fjords and islands, guide you on hikes and share his stories about the places we visit.


He's also the local baker on board and will serve fresh baked bread every single day.  


Together we put our pride into making this a an experience of a lifetime.

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Celine the Yoga instructor | Jolly Good Times Sailing | Norway

meet Céline Engeler


Céline was born and raised in Switzerland.

After living and working for almost 30 years in Switzerland she decided to continue her journey up north and moved to Oslo, Norway where she currently lives.

Her yoga journey started shortly after her first yoga classes in Switzerland.

She started to feel that yoga is not only an exercise of the different asanas, but goes way beyond that.


The silence of the mind, the sense of being grounded while at the same time, flowing. The healing power of each movement leads one through everything. Focus and breath.

Céline completed her first vinyasa teacher training with Laughing Lotus in New York.

She also completed a more alignment based teacher training with Adam Hussler from London.


In May, 2019 Céline completed her Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Certification from the University of Ayurveda in California where she was able to
deepen her understanding of the connection between Ayurveda and Yoga.


Céline is also a certified holistic ayurvedic nutritionist. Since the beginning of 2020 she is also a certified yin yoga teacher.

You can expect powerful, challenging, playful classes with a strong focus on alignment.

Captain & baker 

Ulrik Møller

cook & crew 

María LLamosa

Kopi av 06.jpg

Learn more about Ulrik & María Here.



  • In every destination we have arranged unique and memorable places to do our daily practices. They will be done in special and picturesque areas, both outdoors and indoors.

  • Two yoga/meditation sessions will  be done every day  (See below, the sessions day by day)

  • Vegetarian and Vegan food will be served on this trip, and also the occasional catch of the day. Check more about our food HERE

  • This trip is so unique and complete that you will go back home with an experience of a lifetime.

21 - 26 OF AUGUST

Check here the complete itinerary for this trip.

You will love it!

Prices from

18,000 NOK


Our experience will start like this

Grounding practice (30 - 45 min)

Our first practice together will be a very grounding session, to connect to yourself and the nature around us.


By gentle and slow movements connected to your breath you will be able to let go of your daily life and be able to dive into the

adventure ahead.

This practice will be followed by a water meditation.


Water Meditation (15 - 20 min)

After a short asana practice wit will start to connect with the stillness and silence within.


This evening meditation is based on the element of water. Water meditations can enhance the powerful benefits of mindfulness.


Water as a symbol of the infinite flow that moves through our bodies, through blockages and unlocks inner peace and healing.


With this meditation we can calm the overactive mind and encourage a feeling of non-attachment and weightlessness.


Allowing ourselves to be fully present creates space for every day stress to fade away into the background and get yourself ready for the upcoming days.


Yoga with a view-Tottadale_Foap  - Visit

 Tottadale/Foap -

Rise and shine (60 min)

This morning class is created to get you energized and ready for the

day ahead.


We will start with some breathing and gentle movements and then make our way into a flow to wake your body and mind up from the inside out.


We will end the practice with some forward folds to active the nervous system and then with a well-deserved savasana to give your body and mind time to benefit from your practice and the nature around you.

Stretch flow (45 – 60 min)

This deep stretch flow is the all-natural mind-body relaxation you need.

During this practice we will focus on stretching and

releasing of any tension.


We will be moving slowly and will be making our way gently deeper into every pose to get a good stretching sensation.


With the help of your breath you will find a

complete relaxation.


First morning, let´s get ready
Yoga in Geiranger | Jolly Good Times Sailing | Sunnmøre, Norway

Rise and shine (60 min)

With start our mornings with a yoga practice to get energized

for our day a head.


During this sessions with will bring our self in the present moment, by connecting our movements to our breath.

The body gets time to wake up slowly and the mind will

become calmer.


We will start with gentle movements, slowly speed up the pace and then dive into some juicy forward folds and twists to then be ready for our savasana, where we earn the fruits of our practice surrounded by pure nature.

Yin yoga (60 min)

Yin Yoga is a physical meditation and stretch class.

We will mostly be seated and lying down,

and we hold positions up to 5 mins.

It’s slow and yummy.

You get to calm down your mind and body and nerve system to recharge the whole system, coming out refreshed and relaxed.


The perfect way to end an active day hiking in the mountains.


Outdoor Yoga

Rise and shine (60 min)

This morning practice is a perfect way to welcome the day, we will be following our breath, stretch our bodies and calm the mind.


The session in the morning gives you sustained energy for the whole day, it strengthen your whole body and will

leave you energized.


During the practice you will be able to soak in the morning bliss and to connect to your breath.

We will be breathing and moving in all directions to get all the

juicy benefits of the morning practice

Earth Meditation (15 - 20 min)

With this meditation based on the element of earth we create a sense of calmness and we will ground our energy.

Earth’s qualities are that of structure, foundation, consistency,

and stability.


By directing your own energy to connect with the earth element, it helps you to anchor into the qualities and

characteristics of that element within you.


Grounding your energy is one of the quickest, simplest, and most effective ways of bringing yourself back into
a calm, centred, and balanced state.


And there is no better way to do this than being

surrounded by Norways beautiful and raw nature.

 DAY 4

Yoga by the Sea

DAY - 5

This morning yoga practice will create a wonderful morning experience surrounded by Norway’s nature.


We breath, stretch and strengthen.


We will bring energy to the body, stillness to the mind and rejuvenate the nervous system.


You will wake up and welcoming your day the best possible way.

This day we will be having our last session of yoga and meditation



Practical Information Yoga retretat | Jolly Good Times Sailing | Sunnmøre, Norway


(*) Accommodation: In front you will find two en suite cabins with a twin bed solution, both equipped with a canvass bed divider. Port aft side you will find a 3 bed solution that shares a toilet and shower with the stb aft single bed cabin. Depending on the kind of group, we will make the best distribution for everyone... We are quite good at it.  See the pictures of Jolly HERE!



What to bring?

Please bring your yoga mat and some comfortable clothes to practise yoga in.

You will also need gear to be able to do the out of the boat activities.

Please take a look of  the full equipment list by clicking HERE (FAQ).

How to get to the meeting point?

We will send you a detail instruction of how to get to the meeting point.

The places are well connected and have easy access.


Jolly  is a 49-foot large steel cruiser.

This Dutch-built boat has a unique, strong and spacious design that makes her comfortable to sail and enjoy time on.

The boat is amply equipped and has spacious outdoor areas.

To see more about Jolly, please check this link.


Due to limited space in Jolly, we would love you if you bring one piece of luggage in a foldable duffel bag.


The west coast can have some rain, so bring your rain gear. 


We strongly recommend you to bring a day pack to use for water, food, camera and layers on hikes and trips outside Jolly.


Quite boring to carry this in a regular plastic bag.


You need a travel and health insurance that covers the activities that you are about to do.


Remember to bring your insurance card/information. 

Changes may occur

We reserve the right to make changes to the program.


The day to day program is indicative, and changes may occur.


Please have a look at our terms and conditions. 

The weather and wind conditions can affect the program.


We will customize the tour and the program according to conditions.


We speak Norwegian, Spanish, English 

What's included ?    

  • A Sustainable, green and life Changing Yoga retreat

  • A Professional & certified Yoga instructor

  • Cleaned & disinfected surfaces.  We follow recommended practices for covid-19  

  • Accommodation for 6 days- 4 nights

  • Bed linen, duvet, and pillow

  • All the food we eat on board during the trip, and packed lunches for the hiking trips

  • A dinner in a very special restaurant in each of the trips (except alcoholic drinks)

  • Use of dinghy, fishing lines/net, hammock and the kayaks on board

  • All boat related expenses such as gas, harbour fees and diesel

  • Life vest

  • An exclusive and very unique Norwegian experience

  • Memories for life!

  • Spectacular photo spots

Not included:

  • Transportation to Sjøholt the meeting point

  • Transportation from Geiranger, where the retreat ends.

  • Meals/drinks outside Jolly which are not included in the program

  • Any fees for activities outside Jolly

  • Shower towels.  We will however provide hand towels :)



This trip is available in selected days between JUN  TO  OCTOBER

The prices:

The unmatched Yoga retreat in Geiranger | Jolly Good Times Sailing | Sunnmøre, Norway

From May to October

This route presents various activities where nature and culture are as important as the daily practices of yoga and meditation.


18,000 NOK

The unmatched Yoga retreat in Geiranger | Jolly Good Times Sailing | Sunnmøre, Norway

From May to October

In this world class surroundings you will be enjoying yoga and meditation in the nature of the world of wonders.  let's explore the jewel in the crown together.


18,000 NOK

The unmatched Yoga retreat in The Sunnmøre coast | Jolly Good Times Sailing | Sunnmøre, Norway

Offer valid for bookings made until the 1st of May

This experience has been carefully selected so that you can disconnect from start to finish. Yoga, exquisite food on and off Jolly, activities, relaxation and enjoyment above all.


18,000 NOK

The retreat will be confirmed with a minimum of  4 participants.

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