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a woman practicing yoga on a cliff in a fjord

7 DAYS OF sail and yoga retreat

join us and re-charge yourself!


The daily life can often seem like a cycle of waking up, eating, working, sleeping and repeating.


Join us and re-charge your mind and body diving deeper into the fantastic world of yoga, mindfulness and sailing in one of the most spectacular areas in the world. 


Yoga creates mental clarity and calmness, increases body awareness, relieves chronic stress patterns, relaxes the mind, centres attention, and sharpens your concentration.

Join us and re-charge yourself in a retreat like no other.

Sailing in UNESCO landscape, meditating in several hundred-year-old buildings, discovering emblematic and special places and connecting with yourself and others in a nature beyond scale.

Welcome aboard!

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MAY 2022 -


In this world class surroundings you will be enjoying yoga and meditation in the nature of the world of wonders. 

Jolly will take us to amazing places in the most comfortable and special way...




We will be practicing yoga and meditation in beautiful and unique places. Our professional instructor will help us to have an unforgettable Yoga and meditation experience




Is not only Sail and yoga!

This is a retreat full of different experiences along the Coast and the fjords of Sunnmøre in Norway.

The Team


The retreat will be guided by Céline, Maria & Ulrik.

 Céline will be guiding you through your meditation and yoga journey. She will lead you through the wonders of meditation and yoga and balance the elements into a perfect union. 

Maria will serve nutritious and delicious vegan and vegetarian plates from many corners of the world. She loves to prepare dishes from Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe and the occasional catch of the day. Céline is also a health coach and with her knowledge our diet will be manage with the highest nutrition standards.

Ulrik is the captain on board and responsible of the operation of the vessel.


Together we put our pride into making this a an experience of a lifetime.

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Céline Engeler

Céline was born and raised in Switzerland, but Norway is her 2nd home.

Her yoga journey started shortly after her first yoga classes in Switzerland over 10 years ago.

She started to feel that yoga is not only an exercise of the different asanas, but goes way beyond that. To live life from the heart and develop a profundity and sensitivity to practice and live the insights and principles gained  through yoga also off the mat.

Céline completed different yoga teacher trainings around the world from vinyasa, to yin, pilates, to very technical and alignment based trainings. Besides that she is also an ayurvedic nutritionist, yoga therapist, certified holistic and integrative health coach and certified transformational coach.

You can expect powerful, challenging, playful classes with a strong focus on alignment.

Learn more about Céline by clicking here:

Captain & baker 
Ulrik Møller

cook & crew 
María LLamosa

joy spreader 
Ramoncito The sailor

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cute puppy with a life vest

Learn more about Ulrik - María & Ramoncito Here.

yoga every day!


This is a mind and body practice used to connect the mind, body, and soul to the present moment.

Flow Practise

Vinyasa Flow links breath and movement together, as we flow from position to position.
You get to stretch and strengthen the body equally and dynamically, at the same time boost your body through the breath, leaving you feeling amazing; clear, cleansed, strengthened, energised, peaceful and calm.

Morning Practise

A wonderful way to get energized in the morning. It is a flow-based class, created to wake up your body and mind giving you the best possible start to your day!

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow, soothing, and meditative style of yoga that targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia, and ligaments of the body through long-held postures

orange sunset from a saling boat

Sunset in the Coast of Sunnmøre
with Jolly Good Times Sailing

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What to bring?

Please bring your yoga mat and some comfortable clothes to practise yoga in.

You will also need gear to be able to do the out of the boat activities.   Please take a look of  the full equipment list by clicking HERE (FAQ).


Prices and Availability


  • From the 1st to the 7th of May

  • From the 8th to the 14th of May

  • From the 15th to the 21st

  • From the 22nd to the 28th


Only 6 spots Available for every trip! 

Contact us for more info!

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