Professional and Happy Crew


We are sailors and great hosts.

We sail from the coast  to the fjords to be close to nature, to connect to the local people and to have unique, authentic and sustainable experiences  

Providing a crafted, truly sustainable and holistic experience that you will treasure in your memories for a lifetime.

Our commitment is to create experiences that allow us to benefit from the unmatched and beautiful Norwegian nature in  total harmony

There are so many ways we can benefit from reconnecting with the natural world!

Come and sail with us, let's go and  disconnect to reconnect.



Ulrik Møller

Born in Oslo, with roots in the west of Sunnmøre, I started sailing many years ago after enjoying motorboating since my early teens. I’ve travelled the sea for work and leisure, and have thousands of miles behind the helm, both as the captain of Jolly and on other boats. What I love most about sailing is the enormous range you have and the opportunity to visit places only accessible by boat. Beeing the plumber, electrician, mechanic and the "do it all man" for several years now, I have gotten to know Jolly very well after having carried out several major refits over the past couple of years. As the Captain, I have all the necessary safety training, certificates and experience to take you safely to our destinations, creating great memories and good times for all on board.

Kopi av 11.jpg

cook and crew

Maria Llamosa

I was born in Cali Colombia, the capital of Salsa, and yes, I love to dance and socialize. What I enjoy most about sailing is being out in nature, breathing in the fresh air and cleansing my mind. Life on the sea has so much to offer and has given me many amazing memories and challenges. Spotting sea turtles, watching dolphins jumping and witnessing whales breaching are memories I will embrace forever. As a crew member of Jolly, planning, timing and safety are key for me, as is making guests feel at home on board while cooking exciting and exotic food. Gaining sailing experience in the northern latitudes requires commitment and passion and that’s what I have. I’m also excited to see what the cool North puts on the menu. Brrr

Lord Ramoncito.jpg

Rope handler, Joy spreader & entertainer

Ramoncito - The puppy Sailor

Ramoncito is a Carlin Pinscher who's born the 4th of February of 2021 in a former fishing vessel berthed in Bergen .


He's been at sea his whole entire life.


Our little puppy is smart, small, happy and he loves people and he is friendly to everybody he meets. 

He poops his small little unicorn poops on deck when we are at sea, but he still prefers to deliver on land. Training is in progress and our deck space is always clean.  


He is learning his place on board and he's waiting for you to come and give him a chance to share his love and joy.

Having Ramoncito aboard is such a joy. He breaks up the environment with his presence and barks with his curiosity to pretty much anything, even his own reflection.

He is our absolute favourite crew member and of course he has his own social media account where you can see him doing things:

Give him a follow! 


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