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island hopping in the west coast of norway 

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Exploring the hidden treasures of sunnmøre


Some people call Sunnmøre "El Dorado" for those who are fond of intense nature experiences,

be it on land or at sea.

If we told you that the Island communities around Ålesund used to be as vibrant and full of life 

as any other big city back in the days, and that on one of them there has never been a ferry connection, no forests or roads for that sake and inhabited by only a few innovative people.

They manufactured boats amongst other things and during the WWII it was the hiding place for VIP's that was bound for the Shetland's and the reason for choosing this particular island was because of the surrounding big sea and the unique and horrible landing possibilities. 

In addition to this, the island has it's own wild goat population with huge horns.

Come on board and lets check it out. 

Join us sailing, exploring and hopping between the islands in the coast of Sunnmøre in the


safest, greenest and most eco friendly and sustainable way.

This coastline has been the pantry for seafood for thousands of years and it still is. With it's rugged peaky islands offering panoramic views and spotted with old sheltered fishing and trade stations, abandoned settlements and crammed with history from the Vikings, WW2 and lots more

it's definitely an experience like no other.

We have prepared itineraries where you will have the chance to get close to the countless seabirds at Runde the bird island, spotting seals, have dinner in a restaurant with exceptional flavours and history.


Sometimes and if we are lucky shoals of orcas can pass by and the feeling of closeness to this exceptional nature should be on every living souls bucket list.

This experience has been carefully created so that you can disconnect from start to finish. Exquisite food, on and off Jolly activities, relaxation and enjoyment above all.


And the best way to experience this is by our sailboat Jolly. 


Pack your bag and lets go, everything is set and ready.


Bon voyage!

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