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From Oslo airport you will jump on a train that will take you to Bjorli Station. Here you will meet your guides and repack your gear to contain only hiking gear.


After the repack you will hike all the way over the mountain to Tafjord. The hike over Tafjordfjella in particular is known for its astonishing nature and blinding landscapes and will take you 5 days and 4 nights.


During the hike you will pass small mountain cabins/shelters where you either can sleep inside or in your tent outside. 



The Saga continues to Leikanger where your transport will take you over the hill and down to Hoddevik.

Hoddevik is one of Norway's best surf spots only inhabited by a couple of people.

You will find a cozy cafe there and a surf shop in surroundings that belong on a postcard. 

If your dose of MAD Sunsets isn’t overfilled by now, Hoddevik has a reputation of adding the little extra bling to the scenery. 



Coming down from the mountains and entering the steep fjord landscape Jolly will be waiting for you with a warm shower and a nice dinner. Your cabin is prepared along with the luggage you left in Bjorli. In Tafjord you get settled in and we spend the night here.


Early the next morning you will continue the expedition along the waterway towards Stadt where the surf's up. 

But first a couple of days of island hopping amongst an eldorado of islands and marine wildlife, not to mention the coastal history stretching all the way back to the middle age with signs after The Vikings, The Hanseatic Trade Route, WWII and more. 

What about kayaking or snorkeling in this coastal dreamland ? 

Maybe you will be so lucky to pick your own scallops for dinner..M M Nice.

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Finishing the adventure...

The Saga across Norway from east to west is coming to an end and from Hoddevik it will be up to you to decide whether you will take the shorter route to Ålesund or the slightly longer one down to Bergen.

The communication is good both ways.


Take part in the greenest, coolest and most sustainable expedition in Norway

You will be hiking, sailing, exploring and surfing all across the country from the east to the west in 12 days and at the same time travel and keep your carbon footprint to a minimum.


September 15th to 26th 2022

October 6th to 17th 2022

7 spots available

Contact us for larger groups or for more information!

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