We will be sailing in some of the most spectacular places Norway has to offer. We all tend to like different tings to do. What we can say and guarantee is that you will have the time and opportunity to fulfil your days in the way that suits you the most. 


The out of the boat activities are not included in the price (unless provided by nature) but supplied by small, sustainable and local businesses, just like us. 


Perhaps you want to dive in the renown Lygnstøylsvatnet, maybe you want to paddle downstream in a kayak, go for a grand hike on Mt Slogen, ride an E-bike through Norangsdalen or just relax in a hammock on deck read a book and just be? 


When you book your vacation with us, we want you to maximize your comfort, your time and if there is anything special and out of the ordinary you would like to do, we'll fix it. No worries  


Come as a guest, and leave as a friend.

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