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JGTS have developed a contamination plan to ensure the safety of our guests during our experiences.

Our trips will be carried out as normal, however with an extra focus on hygiene on board and a sharpened awareness about the current situation. The most important thing to be aware of is that you stay home if you have any symptoms of illness.

When we are sailing and everyone is onboard and if a guest shows symptoms of illness, the guest needs to be isolated in one of the rooms and we will sail to the closest harbour where the trip will be put on hold until a nurse will come and perform necessary tests to maintain our contamination responsibility. If results come out as negative, we will continue the trip. In the event of a positive test result the trip is exterminated, and the guests will leave to be quarantined elsewhere. 



  1. We do extra cleaning measures between trips.

  2. We adapt our measures when we are preparing the food.

  3. Extra safeguarding against contamination during the trip.

  4. Do our best to limit our distance between each other. 

  5. Have appointments with the doctor's office in case of any illness. 



  1. Only participate if you are feeling healthy.

  2. Stay home if you have any symptoms.

  3. Prior to departure you will need to confirm and sign that you have not been in close contact with anyone infected with covid-19 the last 14 days.

  4. You will need to sign that you are aware of the potential risk joining the trip and that you concur to our covid-19 contamination plan.

  5. Keep distance to anyone outside the trip participants.

  6. Wash your hands and make sure you always have good hand hygiene.

  7. Be patient and avoid crowds and queues.


Convenience aboard

  1. Antibac or similar will be available on board.

  2. Bring your own personal equipment such as sailing gloves, water bottle etc.

  3. We will eat inside and outside alternatively have several settings.

  4. The toilets will be equipped with chlorinated soap.

  5. You will not use other toilets than the one assigned to you.

  6. Railings and other surfaces which are touched regularly will be disinfected daily. 

  7. Paper towels are available.


For further information about COVID-19 and safeguarding against contamination we refer to for additional information regarding symptoms and safeguarding. 

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