Learn how to sail

On the sailing trip you get to experience a lot, sail and learn a lot about sailing. You will learn how to dock and leave the quay, manoeuvring in port, sailing in different wind angles, navigation with maps and chart plotters, sea rules, mooring and use of different knots, anchoring and anchoring techniques, role distribution and organization on board and what it takes to to create a good team where everyone can contribute. If the weather allows it, we may even reach far. 

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Practical Information 

This course is a beginner's course where we go through basic techniques and build sailing knowledge from there.

No prior knowledge is required in advance.

We meet up in Brosundet and get the boat ready for departure. Then we select the route depending on the weather forecast.


If we sail inland northbound, we are quite sheltered from the sea up to a little south of Ona / Husøy.

The same applies south to Stadt, but sheltered to a somewhat lesser extent.

The weather is not controlled so you have to expect and accept that it is windless and that it can feel like it is blowing a little too much sometimes.

Regardless of what experience you have with you before, the course will make you a better sailor / woman at record speed and you will actively contribute to the team on the boat. Everyone gets to try their hand at all positions and contribute to good unity and teamwork on board.


If the weather should be extra bad, we reserve the right to change the date of the course.

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  • Accommodation on board the boat

  • All food and drink on board

  • Experienced touring sailors

  • Navigation with maps and chart plotters

  • Maximum 7 participants

  • Course certificate after completing the course

  • Warm suits to sail in if you do not have your own clothes you prefer to use

  • Life jackets

  • Small towel for hand washing

  • Duvet and pillow are available on board





  • Alcohol

  • Travel to and from Ålesund

  • Bath towel

  • Bed linen - you must bring this with you.

this course is available on request

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