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Sailing in Hjørundfjord | Jolly Good Times Sailing | Sunnmøre, Norway

5 days


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Map Overview


Day by Day
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We meet up at the dock in Solevåg close to 


Sunde Fjord Hotel which is located

20 minutes by car or 45minutes by bus from downtown Ålesund

The first thing we do is to get to know each other before we'll go through the plan for the next days and as well perform a safety brief on the pier.

 The first stop will be Trandal and Christian Gaard bygdetun.

This will take us a little more than 2 hrs. 

This unique place has no road connection to the outside world, and communication must therefore take place by sea.

Did we tell you that the history of Christian Gaard

dates back 500 years and that it is the

same family three today as for 500 years ago ? 

To finish the welcome day, we will be enjoying a delicious dinner in their restaurant,

where the food and the views will be the

icing on the cake. 

Their restaurant often serve wild salmon, deer and other delicacies made and caught on the farm. Short travelled food with a low as possible footprint, and of course included in the price. 

Christian Gaard is a guaranteed memory for life.



We start our day early in the best way possible

 with a delicious breakfast on board.


We are still in Trandal and today we will explore the surroundings with a 3-5 hr hike up to Trandalhatten or perhaps a shorter hike up in Trandalen depending on the weather and the shape of the crew.

A lunch will be packed to enjoy on the go.  

This day is all about first class hikes and panoramic views. 

Bring your camera. 


Coming down from the hike and back down to sea level we

re-group at the bar for some cold beers before a refreshing dive in the Fjord. (if you like)

Around mid day we set course towards Urke/Norangsvika

 where there will be possibilities to hang out at the pier bar or perhaps take a tour in one of our kayaks.  

Today we will have our dinner together on board before we hit the sack and get dreamy for the day to come. 



Kopi av 15.jpg


Emperor Wilhelm II, King Oscar II, Edvard Grieg,

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Queen Maud 

They all loved mingled in this valley

This morning you will wake up and perhaps also be lying on the exact same anchorage used by the older and above mentioned novelty, writers, mountaineers and the lovers who visited Hotel Union Øye back in the days. 

We will enjoy a delicious breakfast abord before we head out


Today there's loads of different options. All depending on

your level of comfort. 

A bucket list highlight for many is for instance Mt Slogen. 

This can for some take many hrs and some sore muscles to achieve, but also very achievable for others. 

A hike around Urkeegga/Maudekollen is also pretty spectacular and at Egilbu you can hang your hammock

(we have some on board) and lie down and enjoy the

speechless views.

 Snorkelling in the magnificent Lygnstøylsvatnet is also an incredible option today. This water is crystal clear and has various old infrastructure submerged in it. The place got flooded by a rock fall from Keipen back in 1908 that resulted in this extraordinary underwater scenery.


We have some wet suits and masks aboard that can be used free of charge. 

Later the same day we can if available have a look at the available rooms at the unique Hotel Union Øye.


This Hotel is one of the old and special buildings in Norway

and it has an abundance of history between the walls. 

After our activities are over, we will head towards Bjørke, where we will be setting a net for the dinner tomorrow and of course, spending the night to wake up in

a brand new landscape the next morning.


A new morning, new place, new landscape, new possibilities. 

This day we can visit Bakketunet which is a small cluster of old farm buildings dated back to 1549 and restored into a museum.


They serve beers and food and are known for their fantastic pizza they prepare in their stone oven.


Get ready to learn more about the culture around the fjord, where art and nature come together to create an exiting environment  

There's also several mountain hikes to choose from in Bjørke. 

We will hike around the area to discover the tiny beautiful village and its picturesque surroundings

After Bjørke we will pick up the net (with a potential catch of the day) and set the course to Sæbø, where we can experience a super refreshing floating Fjord Sauna as well as hoping

to prepare our catch of the day.




Sailing in Hjørundfjord | Jolly Good Times Sailing | Sunnmøre, Norway

DAY - 5


Sæbø is an amazing place.

It's a super cozy fjord town with lots of history from when the waterway was the high way and of course, mountains to hike


 After our delicious breakfast

and depending on the time schedule

of the crew, we can either do a morning hike to


Dalegubben, Olavshola



up to one of the many surrounding viewpoints

alternatively head directly back to Solavågen.


The trip ends in Solavågen unless,


the magic of the Fjords has taken you, and you want to continue your adventure on our trip to





Practical information



(*) Accommodation: In front you will find two Double cabin with private ensuite, both equipped with a canvass bed divider. Port aft side you will find a Triple cabin which shares a  bathroom with the aft captain cabin.  See the pictures of Jolly HERE!



What to bring?

Have a look at the full equipment list by clicking HERE (FAQ).

How to get there?

Ålesund is the closest city from where the trip starts, and offers good connections throughout the the country and Europe.

To get to Solevåg and the start of the trip you can either take a bus from Ålesund (45mins) or car (20 mins)

We will send you a step by step manual in how to make the commuting super easy.


Jolly  is a 49-foot large steel cruiser. This Dutch-built boat has a unique, strong and spacious design that makes her comfortable to sail and enjoy time on.

The boat is amply equipped and has spacious outdoor areas. 

To read more about Jolly, please check this link.


Due to limited space in Jolly, we would love you if you bring one piece of luggage in a foldable duffel bag.

The west coast can have some rain, so bring your rain gear. We strongly recommend you to bring a day pack to use for water, food, camera and layers on hikes and trips outside Jolly.

Quite boring to carry this in a regular plastic bag.


we encourage you to have a travel and health insurance that covers your activities and transportation back to your country in case you need that. 

Changes may occur

We reserve the right to make changes to the program. The day to day program is indicative, and changes may occur. Please have a look at our terms and conditions. The weather and wind conditions can affect the program. We will customize the tour and the program according to conditions and in worst case change the itinerary completely.


We speak Norwegian, Spanish, English 

What's included?    

  • A very Sustainable, Very low carbon footprint  and Socially Distanced Vacation

  • Accommodation for 5 days- 4 nights

  • Bed linen, duvet, and pillow

  • All the food we eat on board during the trip, and packed lunches for the hiking trips

  • First night dinner in Trandal - Christian Gaard pub/restaurant (except alcoholic drinks)

  • Use of dinghy and fishing lines/net, kayaks, diving masks (we have two pcs)

  • All boat related expenses such as gas, harbour fees and diesel

  • Life vest 

  • An exclusive and very unique Norwegian experience

  • Memories for life!

  • Spectacular photo spots

Not included in the price:

  • Transportation to/from Sundefjord Hotel - The meeting point

  • Meals/drinks and alternative activities outside Jolly which are not included in the itinerary 

  • Alcoholic drinks (You can drink alcohol onboard, but you need to bring your own. We accept responsible and moderate consumption!)

  • Shower towels. We will provide hand towels :)


Price, Availability & Booking

This trip will be available from the 24 of May until September

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