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The Coast of Sunnmøre | Jolly Good Times Sailing



Our adventure starts in Ålesund.

We meet up in the famous and beautiful Brosundet in Ålesund. Here you will find your room, unpack and participate in a safety brief and a run through of the trip before we set our course towards Runde

On our way to Runde we will have a short stop at Grasøyane to have a look at the seal colony. The seals are grouping on these small islets this time of year and we will be looking for them here at our fist stop. 


Sightseeing wildlife in their natural habitat is an extraordinary and cool experience.  


We need to stay in good distance, but the seals are quite curious and highly intelligent and every now and then they decide to swim up to us and pay us a visit.


Oink oink.

After Grasøyane we will set course towards Runde.


Runde is the most species-rich seabird region in Scandinavia as more than 200 different species have their nesting grounds here.


Every evening the birds return from their hunt at sea and they come in thousands all at once almost landing in your lap and full of fish. An amazing experience. 


Amongst others we can see Puffins, Gannets, Shags, Guillemots, Razorbills, Seagulls, Eagles and experience how they manage their daily life. It's quite amazing.


This will be a big culinary experience for all!


We round up the day with a gourmet dinner at Skotholmen

The restaurant is located in a restored trade house on a islet in amazing surroundings.

The food served is their catch of the day and it sure is one of the best and most exiting restaurants of the West coast of Norway.  


This is what we call a good start!

Puffins in bird island | Jolly Good Times Sailing | Sunnmøre, Norway

After our early morning delicious breakfast with our home made bread, we will departure from Runde and sail to Skorpa. 


If the conditions are optimal we anchor up in the strait and take the dinghy to shore and explore the old and abandoned settlement.


If you are up to it, we will make a nice and easy hike to the top of Keipen who reaches 432m straight up from the sea and offers panoramic views of the rugged coastline and alpine landscape. Marvellous view from here. 


There is also a herd of wild goats living at Skorpa. Rumours say that they have been living here ever since the Viking times. Who knows, maybe it is the descendants of an ancient Kings farm goats. 


There's a huge amount of history in these grounds, both from WW2, Vikings. The Captain has his roots from this area and will share his knowledge and make this journey interesting for both the young- and the older ones.


After our stay in Skorpa we head back to Jolly and head for Flåvær where we will spend the night. 

Flåvær is an old and well kept trade and fishing station and has been a business junction ever since the Hansa time. 

Well kept and extraordinary.




Island hopping in Sunnmøre | Jolly Good Times Sailing | Sunnmøre, Norway


This day is the grand full hike day (or bike rental) around the island of Sandsøya. Today we will start and end our day in the harbour.

During the hike there will be a high probability to spot eagles since it is a few of them around here. The Captain already know where they live. Big birds. 


We will climb up Dollsteinen and enjoy the spectacular view out and towards the feared oceans of Stadt where countless of shipwrecks rests at the bottom of the sea.


Dollsteinhola which is a huge cave in the ocean sea front is a magnificent experience, especially with a little bit of weather as well. We need to bring head lamps and clothes that can be dirty for this trip since we will be caving and exploring.


Note that caving is not mandatory


Hiking along this coastline is a experience of its own, and maybe if we're lucky we'll find some hidden time capsules on our way back to the boat. Time capsules is always fun, it makes you think how different today is in relation to the past. 

Good packed lunch will be enjoyed underway for this fantastic day of experiences. 



Sandsøya | Jolly Good Times Sailing | Sunnmøre, Norway

DAY - 4


After our delicious breakfast we set our course to the Green Passage via the beautiful Rovdefjorden. 

Rovdefjorden is an amazingly beautiful inland water passage the ship traffic use when the sea is at its roughest

The Green Passage is a water passage between the island of Herøya and Gurskøya and is crammed with hundreds of tiny islands and provide a perfect shelter for anchoring. 

We will spend the day here exploring the wonderful area with the dinghy and our kayaks. 

If the coincidence makes this day happen on a Thursday we can enjoy an awesome version of the Norwegian dish Raspeball in the trade house of Kjellsund. 


This area is also a good fishing and scallop ground, and if you are keen on snorkelling it should be possible to dive and hand pick scallops directly from the sea and prepare them on our bond fire later on.  

The Coast of Sunnmøre | Jolly Good TImes Sailing

DAY - 5



After our breakfast in the most spectacular anchorage in Norway, we set our course and sail back to Ålesund.

On our way back we will pass through breath-taking areas and amazingly beautiful landscapes. Just bring something comfortable to lye on and relax as much as you can while the wind  does the rest. 


We end our journey on arrival to Brosundet in Ålesud... 

 Unless, the magic of the journey has claimed you, and you like to continue on another adventure



Practical Information | Jolly Good Times Sailing | Sunnmøre, Norway

(*) Accommodation: In front you will find two Double cabin with private ensuite, both equipped with a canvass bed divider. Port aft side you will find a Triple cabin which shares a  bathroom with the aft captain cabin.  See the pictures of Jolly HERE!



What to bring?

Have a look at the full equipment list by clicking HERE (FAQ).


How to get to the meeting point?

Ålesund is the city where the trip starts, and offers good connections throughout the the country and Europe.  A direct bus from the airport is available straight to the center of the city, few minutes away walking from the marina where Jolly will be waiting for you. We will send you a detail information prior departure.



Jolly  is a 49-foot large steel cruiser. This Dutch-built boat has a unique, strong and spacious design that makes her comfortable to sail and enjoy time on. The boat is amply equipped and has spacious outdoor areas.

To see more about Jolly, please check this link



Due to limited space in Jolly, we would love you if you bring one piece of luggage in a foldable duffel bag. The west coast can have some rain, so bring your rain gear.  We strongly recommend you to bring a day pack to use for water, food, camera and layers on hikes and trips outside Jolly. Quite boring to carry this in a regular plastic bag.


You need a travel and health insurance. Remember to bring your insurance card/information. 


Changes may occur

We reserve the right to make changes to the program. The day to day program is indicative, and changes may occur. Please have a look at our terms and conditions. 

The weather and wind conditions can affect the program. We will customize the tour and the program according to conditions if necessary.


We speak Norwegian, Spanish, English.

What's included?    

  • A very Sustainable, Very low carbon footprint holiday

  • Accommodation for 5 days- 4 nights

  • Bed linen, duvet, and pillow

  • All the food we eat on board during the trip, and packed lunches for the hiking trips

  • First night dinner in KAMI (except alcoholic drinks)

  • Use of dinghy and fishing lines/net, kayaks, diving masks (we have two pcs)

  • All boat related expenses such as gas, harbour fees and diesel

  • Life vest 

  • An exclusive and very unique Norwegian experience

  • Memories for life!

  • Spectacular photo spots

Not included in the price:

  • Transportation to/from Sundefjord Hotel - The meeting point

  • Meals/drinks and alternative activities outside Jolly which are not included in the itinerary 

  • Shower towels. We will provide hand towels :)



This trip will be available from the 24 of May until September

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The trip will be confirmed with a minimum of  4 participants.

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